Multi-product app

For this project, we wanted to create a more flexible application flow that could leverage the concept of an e-commerce site where the users can apply for multiple products at the same time. The challenge we faced was to find the right way to merge two separate flows without overwhelming the customers.

First iteration

The first step was to compare the two flows finding common fields and based on this we defined an architecture that could fit into the standard 4-step template used across all other applications.

We decided to include the cross-sell module in the first step, this way the customer can decide whether include or not another product in the flow dynamically changing the fields on the step 2.

We also created a shopping cart at the bottom where the user could review and remove products as needed.

Last iteration

By dividing the application into multiple steps, we allowed the customer to concentrate on one task at a time. Adding a progress bar instead of a 4-step indicator and collapsing the shopping cart into a small icon at the top of the page enabled a cleaner space.